My First Ballerina 3-Piece Tutu Outfit (0-6 mos)

  • $49.99

This three-piece dancer-inspired outfit is just perfect for aspiring ballerinas! My First Ballerina 3-Piece Tutu Outfit features a cute and comfortable bodysuit, a frilly ballerina tutu and a pair of socks that look so much like ballerina slippers, everyone will be fooled! Your baby girl will be so happy to twirl away in this outfit!

Features and facts: Three-piece outfit includes a white tank top bodysuit with a ballerina slipper design and the words "Tutu cute" along with a pink tulle tutu; white headband with pink tulle flower and gemstone detail; and a pair of white high socks that resemble ballerina slippers

Machine-washable headbands and socks; hand wash only bodysuit with tulle tutu

Size 0-6 months

Measures 13" w x 20.1" d x 0.4" h